Associated scans


Karisma K jumped into our 3D scanning rig at Gadget Show Live - and here they are in 3D!

The resulting digital model is usually a little rough, so our 3D artists will take the time to clean them up, fill in any missing areas and add extra detail before we're ready to print them in 3D.

What happens next?

Your 3D selfie

Gaps and holes can appear in places that cameras won't fit like around hands. Shiny areas like hair or clothing like leggings can also cause problems due to the lack of distinctive points that can be matched across images.

Digital Sculpt

Before 3D printing, one of our digital artists spends time sculpting the 3D scan results, cleaning up any problem areas and adding extra detail. We also apply some colour correction to get the best results possible.

Ready to 3D Print

Models are printed in full colour using a composite of British gypsum and CMYK inkjet binders before being infiltrated to add strength and a few coats of lacquer applied for extra protection.