Flying Scotsman Pen

3D Design to Master Patterns

The Client

The National Railway Museum, TMB Art Metal & Onoto – TMB Art Metal is a small London based company dedicated to producing provenance sculptures, cufflinks and other items, the unique key to all being that they incorporate in their making metal or material originating from the actual iconic subject the item represents; these subjects principally being in the automotive, aeronautic, locomotive and maritime arenas.

The Brief

Design of a fountain pen celebrating 100 years of Flying Scotsman.

Our Production

The pen is designed around elements of the famouns Flying Scotsman.  Using elements of the Flying Scotsman.

The unique fittings are crafted from provenance bronze from the axle boxes on 4472 that were in use until the early stages of her recent in-depth restoration. The cap button features the smoke door, the cap band depicts the wheels, the barrel button shows the bogie wheel and the stainless steel clip illustrates a coupling rod.