New Scientist Live 2016

For their first ever exhibition, the New Scientist team invited us to bring our scanner along to the London ExCeL where we took free 3D selfies of the visitors.

The event was attended by over 25,000 people and was billed as ‘the world’s most exciting festival of ideas’.  From the latest in VR to robot bar tenders there was a hugely diverse range of giant science fair projects!

I don’t think we could have guessed just how busy our 3D scanning rig was going to be – we managed to scan thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors over the 4 days.  Averaging just under 1 scan every 30 seconds.  Our stand was so busy that we had two developers hidden away in a cupboard scripting new code to move the data around even faster than we thought possible.  A massive thank you to or friends at fizzPOP especially @sepearson and @adamwoodall for keeping the rig running at lightening speeds during the show!

We came back from the show with terabytes of data and set to work on our high powered render farm processing the 3D selfies for the visitors.

Despite taking around half a million photographs in our 3D scanning photogrammetry rig, we were so busy we didn’t get chance to take any of the event!