3D Printing

In Full Colour and High Resolution

Bespoke and Commercial 3D Printing

Transform your digital files into physical reality with our high resolution resin and colour 3D printing services. Send us your 3D file along with a brief description and desired size, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Upon your confirmation, we’ll proceed to print and post your creation, bringing your digital masterpiece into the physical world.

Full Colour 3D Printing

Full-colour 3D printing, also known as multi-colour 3D printing, is a revolutionary process that combines the precision of traditional 3D printing with the vibrancy of full-colour printing. Unlike traditional 3D printing methods that produce monochromatic or single-color objects, full-colour 3D printing allows for the creation of objects in a full spectrum of colours, resulting in lifelike models with unparalleled realism.

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High Resolution Resin 3D Printing

High-resolution resin 3D printing is a revolutionary process that utilizes photopolymer resin cured by laser, layer by layer, to create intricate and finely detailed objects. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, resin 3D printing allows for the production of complex geometries and intricate designs with exceptional accuracy and surface finish.

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