Facial Recognition

3D Printed Masks for Biometric Penetration Testing & Training

Since 2016 we’ve been working on various facial recognition projects with some of the world’s leading biometrics and security companies along with various governments and their agencies.

Our 3D scan to 3D printed masks have become a staple worldwide in training facial recognition algorithms into detecting lifeness.

Along with our scanning partners around the world, we maintain a diverse library of thousands of human 3D scans.

Creating Masks for Facial Recognition

We maintain a comprehensive database with hundreds of scans, spanning diverse ages and ethnicities. Whether you prefer to visit our Birmingham 3D scanning studio, have a scanning technician come to your office, or arrange a session with actors or models through our network of casting agencies, we are flexible on how to get started.

The digital model is then 3D printed on our full colour machine, printing with a layer height of 100 microns and 600dpi colour.

International delivery available.

Facial Recognition Projects